Team Sponsors

xw_logo_blue11-e1332785363955XTERRA Wetsuits strives to make your swim faster and more comfortable, and to offer you the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. We’ve been doing this all over the world since 2001. We confidently stand by our claim of making the world’s fastest wetsuit, and our sponsored athletes have the records to back it up.


Rudy Project throughout the years has been a champion of sponsoring and supporting athletes at every level of competition. It is no wonder that Rudy Project products have been worn by many greats including Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Jan Ullrich, Erik Zabel, Claudio Chiappucci, Abraham Olano, Michellie Jones, Spencer Smith and countless others, including IronTex Triathlon.


infinit-logoInfinit Performance was founded by endurance athletes – athletes who in a nut shell realized that the difference between a good race and a great race is nutrition. Athletes who also knew that race day nutrition did not have to be so complicated.

Founder and Creator, Michael Folan, had a goal when he set out to create a better sports drink. As a ten-time Ironman racer, he knew the product had to provide enough calories, sodium, be easy on the gut and taste good. Plus, it had to make race day nutrition simpler. There didn’t need to be the stress of: When did I take my last salt tablet? Did I eat enough gels this hour? How much did I drink? He also knew that what worked for him would not work for the 125 pound female racer or the 220 pound male first time racer. That is why he came up with the idea of customization based on what we call the osmo-fit system.


sls3SLS3 creates intelligent race apparel that is thought through and developed from scratch, thoroughly tested by us and then, if deemed awesome, put into production. The majority of our products is made in the USA. It is very important to us to keep our carbon footprint small, create and sustain jobs, and help other small businesses by partnering with them.

We choose our materials and trims with great care, we oversee the production from start to end, and our quality check, a.k.a. the German eagle eye of co-founder Sylvie Linle, is feared because we control everything that comes in. In our eyes it is the only way to achieve our defectives return rate which is less than 0.5%.