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IronTex Triathlon began in May 2011 as small group of six triathletes and a coach. The majority of the first six triathletes were just starting their triathlon careers, but from the first team practice, you could sense something special was on the horizon. Since that first day, IronTex has grown to one of the largest triathlon clubs in North Texas, with more than 100 members and more than 70 first-time Iron-distance finishers.

IronTex quickly established itself as more than a triathlon and multisport team. It is a social experience for athletes of all ages and abilities. We are a group of friends and athletes who share common goals:

  1. Having fun;
  2. Supporting one another;
  3. Challenging themselves and each other;
  4. Training hard and playing hard.

Above all, IronTex is a family. The friendships forged during long training hours and shared experiences is the foundation of our team. We train together, race together and have fun together.

Group triathlon training sessions with the coaches are scheduled weekly, and team members meet to workout together several times throughout the week, sometimes scheduled and sometimes at the spur of the moment.

Your membership in IronTex Triathlon is included when you subscribe to a coaching plan. Our coaching plans are customized specifically for each athlete based upon each athlete’s experience, goals and race schedule. They are designed to make you stronger, faster, race ready, and an overall better triathlete. We push you physically and psychologically so come race day, you are ready for whatever the course and day have in store for you.

Coaching is available for those training for any distance–from sprint to Ironman–whether it’s your first attempt or your 100th attempt. IronTex offers something for everyone.

Interested and want more information? Or want to join us for a group workout to see what we’re all about? Contact us here or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

IronTex is family.  We laugh a lot, we cry some, we eat quite a bit, and we race.  Being on a team that doesn’t judge but encourages is key for me.  I appreciate that about IronTex.”

Dana Cumberland

2x IM finisher, 12x marathon finisher and UltraMarathon finisher


our coaches

Michael Blankenship
Michael Blankenship
Head Coach & Founder
Paul Elliott
Paul Elliott
assistant head coach

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